Our FDA registered facility utilizes the latest in technological equipment to manufacture products under the highest of quality standards. We have an in-house laboratory and highly experienced chemists for advanced formulation and manufacturing. 






Our team reviews all Raw Material Technical Data and Material Safety Data Sheets. Clinical Data is provided through our vendors, as well as our close relationship with individual laboratories. We also use a wide range of certified online and academic references and clinical sources.

All development processes are given lab numbers and undergo testing of various activities ingredients. 


At Cross-Brands, our products are not only tested during the development and production stages but also during the filling process in order to ensure consistent and stable results. All of our product formulations are scrutinized for the highest quality using cutting edge equipment. 


We regularly conduct many standard tests on our products, including:

  • Stability tests
  • Specific Gravity (sg) tests
  • pH Balance tests
  • Viscosity tests
  • Appearance (aesthetics) tests
  • Odor tests
  • Microbial tests